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Diamond Saw Blade For Marble, Porcelain,Ceramic and Stone  115mm. 
~Fast and accurate cutting. The diamond cutting blade is resistant to high temperature, which can reduce vibration and cut straighter and faster. Sharp without collapse, small slit, resistant to cutting and wear.
~High quality materials and chip free cutting, made of very fine and uniform diamond abrasive particles, the blade has excellent cutting performance, low grinding noise, less dust, less debris, more convenient, safer and longer service life.
~Diamond cutting wheel DIY tool, used for smooth cutting, chamfering and grinding of marble,porcelain,ceramics, and other materials.




Safety Precautions: Do not use without appropriate safety equipment. This includes ear protetion, safety glasses, safety guard. 


"Tools For Your Story"

"Shadow" Blade for Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone 115

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